The (rfid))-Archive Label has been developed for reliable application on sensitive books and dosuments.

World Premiere for Precious Books: ((rfid))-Archive Labels

RFID for precious and sensitive books and documents: Our colleagues from Schreiner PrinTrust are presenting a world first this week at the “106th Deutscher Bibliothekartag” (German Librarians’ Day) in Frankfurt/Main (Section B Hall 5.1, Stand 85): our newly developed ((rfid))-Archive Label. This innovative Archive Label is the first ever solution to enable the application of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to precious and sensitive books. The “Kungliga biblioteket” in Sweden pioneered its use.

For four days, until June 2, they are showcasing the globally unique solution for contactless management of the collections in archives. For ordinary books, efficient management using RFID technology has long been standard practice. Due to its innovative product design, the new RFID label now meets the requirements for application even to sensitive books and documents. A pH-neutral, and thus acid-free, adhesive will not attack the valuable documents and makes non-residual removal of the label possible even after decades. It has been tested and certified by a test laboratory and therefore meets all the prerequisites for archival-grade materials.

The application of Schreiner PrinTrust’s ((rfid))-Archive Labels was pioneered in Sweden. The National Library of Sweden in Stockholm has already equipped 30,000 of its most valuable and sensitive books and documents with the newly developed RFID labels which enable efficient management of its collections. “Kungliga biblioteket” (“Royal Library”), as it is called in Swedish, ranks among the world’s largest libraries. In 2014, it decided to modernize its management system by replacing the previously used barcode labels by RFID labels.

The greatest challenge: Due to the sensitivity of many antique documents, it was not possible to use standard RFID labels because their removal would have caused irreparable damage. “The certification of the material and adhesive according the international standard for archival-grade materials, was the key criterion. In addition, we tested the high holding power and non-residual removability in field use and were highly satisfied. As a result of the solution delivered by Schreiner PrinTrust, the checkout process in the reading room is now faster and more secure. The automatic security checks enabled by the modern RFID technology used in the labels also ensure that no documents leave the reading room or the building without permission,” says Dr. Wolfgang Undorf, the project manager of the National Library of Sweden in Stockholm.

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