Schreiner LogiData’s 360-degree model assists in a necessary analysis prior to roll out RFID across all processes.

360-Degree Model for RFID Labels

Industry 4.0 is an increasingly relevant hot topic, as more and more companies in the automotive industry, in mechanical engineering and in the electronics sector are seeking to roll out RFID across all processes. While the selection of a suitable label tends to initially be focused strictly on unit cost, an analysis covering all the bases right from the beginning would be important for developing a perfectly customized RFID solution with long-term viability. Schreiner LogiData’s 360-degree model assists in this endeavor.

  1. Process analysis: An analysis of the uses and requirements for the label is imperative to start with.
  2. Read ranges: The definition of the required read ranges is one of the key criteria in any RFID project.
  3. Demands made on the label: The type of substrate must be clarified. How long will the label have to reliably adhere to it? What weather and environmental conditions will it have to resist?
  4. Demands made on the chip and inlay: What data volume should be stored, changed or supplemented on the chip? What RFID frequency is optimal? How much space is available for the label?
  5. Customized antenna development: Will a custom RFID label antenna have to be developed and how would it perform in field use?
  6. Chip memory: Special attention has to be paid to programming the RFID labels in manufacturing or in on-site use.
  7. Synchronization of the RFID label, RFID reader and required read ranges: Delivery of any labels not meeting the customer’s requirement must be excluded.
  8. Field test: For critical processes, a pre-test should be run in the customer’s operation to obtain a preliminary result of read performance.
  9. Overprinting: For processes requiring on-site printing and programming in real time, the inscription of the label and chip has to be adapted to the processing of the respective RFID labels.
  10. Cycle speed: If an RFID label should be printed, programmed and dispensed at high speed, this process has to be considered in early planning stages as well.

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