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Welcome to the New Blog Design!

Dear blog readers,
the Schreiner Group blog was recently given a facelift. Almost two years ago, in February 2014, we started our large social media project. We are proud to say that since then 84,000 visitors have read our 130 blog posts. A great success for us, and one we would like to expand on – by optimizing and relaunching the blog among other things.

With Flying (Cord) Colors on the US Market

Good things come to those who wait. As a result of intense research and numerous product tests, Sebastian Baur, Project Engineer in our Research & Development team, has finally achieved his goal: We have received certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for the production of cord tags according to the requirements of category PGIS2.

A Slight Difference?

Less than 10 % of all executives in top management positions at German companies are women, according to a representative Hay Group study. In contrast, with a ratio of 25 percent, Schreiner Group is far above the trend.

Ann L. Merchant, Business Unit Manager of Schreiner MediPharm, and Sigrid Stredak, Head of Personnel Management, …

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From Munich to Rome: the success story of our Pressure Compe

Over the past few months Annette Barth has been explaining in a six-part blog series what Pressure Compensation Seals are, how many different applications exist for them and what benefits they offer compared to standard solutions. If you have followed our blog series with interest and are keen to delve deeper into the subject, we thought you might like to learn more about Annette Barth’s role.

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Pressure Compensation Seals: All-Rounders in Snow and Sun (P

In the previous two parts of this blog series I showed you application examples from the automotive industry and very special Pressure Compensation Seals (PCSs). In this fifth part I will tell you something about how our Pressure Compensation Seals support you with adequate street lighting as you find your way home, with your e-bike as you move along or in getting safely rescued after being buried by an avalanche.

Pressure Compensation Seals – Special Products (Part 4)

Small but impressive – Mini Pressure Compensation Seals:
There is a clear trend towards “small and lightweight” in the technical industries, including the automotive sector. However, even the smallest components have housings that need ventilation. Reliable protection of these housings is again ensured by tiny membranes.

Pressure Compensation Seals are available with …

Pressure Compensation Seals: Omnipresent (Part 3)

In ABS and air conditioning control units PCSs ensure that the extreme temperature fluctuations typical for these units do not impair the device’s function.

Our Pressure Compensation Seals provide regular air exchange in tire pressure sensors and protect electronics against damage caused by dirt, dust and water.

It is interesting to note that the PCSs must undergo the same, …