Dubai is hosting Cards & Payments Middle East 2016 this week. With some 300 exhibitors and more than 10,000 visitors Cards & Payments is the leading trade fair for chip cards, payment transactions and identification in the Middle East. For our Schreiner PrinTrust business unit, Richard Stooß and Paul Bunge are in Dubai to present our highlight products, the NFC-Sticker EMV and PIN labels.

Counterfeiting and tampering threaten all well-known brands today. At the GLOBAL BRAND PROTECTION INNOVATION PROGRAMME (GBPIP) held in London this week on May 26-27, more than 100 experts are engaged in an exchange about innovative authenticity protection solutions that enable tamper- and counterfeit-proof marking of products. They include Dr. Nadine Summa from Schreiner MediPharm , and Thomas Völcker and André Siebeneicher from Schreiner ProSecure .

E-bikes are recording the highest growth rate in the vehicle market at the moment, according to Auto Club Europe. More than 1.3 million bicycles with various electric motors are currently being operated in Germany. For the latest drive system launched by the European market leader, Schreiner ProTech has developed design rings as accentuating visual elements and covers for the assembly holes.