Our Schreiner PrinTrust business unit now uses a new, modern key visual for its presence at trade shows, on the website, in presentations or on brochures. Our colleagues at Schreiner PrinTrust are specialists in security and authentication. They develop and market customized functional labels for authentication, tamper protection and automatic identification.

The factory of the future is the key topic at the Hanover Fair this week. Our colleagues from Schreiner ProTech , Schreiner ProSecure , Schreiner LogiData and Schreiner Services (Hall 8, D08) are on site, using infographics to illustrate what processes can be automated in a smart factory thanks to our functional labels and what information can be provided by means of smartphone apps.

Subjects such as infrastructure, traffic management, security and parking will be in the center of interest at Intertraffic 2016 in Amsterdam. Our colleagues from Schreiner PrinTrust will show the company’s high-tech label solutions for efficient vehicle management (Hall 3, Booth 03.422).

A top-class expert meeting: Schreiner MediPharm hosted its second high-level workshop focused on “Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions to Improve Patient Safety” this fall. Attended by more than 30 industry professionals, including numerous representatives of international pharmaceutical corporations and security specialists, the event was a resounding success. Its objective was to promote an intensive exchange about anti-counterfeiting and tamper-protection strategies.

Bank customers who need a new cash or credit card generally receive two letters: one with the card and, with a certain time gap, a second one with their personal identification number (PIN). This method is deemed to be secure. However, it has its weak points if risks throughout PIN dispatch are not sufficiently identified and dealt with. Schreiner Group’s business unit PrinTrust offers solutions to this problem.

Schreiner PrinTrust is exhibiting at Plusworld in Moscow. The 5th international forum takes place from June 2 – June 3, 2014 and features subjects from NFC technology over banking to mobile payment systems. The products presented by Schreiner PrinTrust include our PIN Safe Label. With its integrated security kiss-cuts, void effect and individual brand hologram this two-layer high-security label ensures maximal security of PIN codes.