When our electronic ((rfid))-Parking Permit won first place in the “Innovation” category of the 2017 FINAT Label Competition this summer our colleague
Dr. Joseph Adelsberger, Team Leader R+D Base Technologies at Schreiner Group, talked about the label of the future on the occasion of the awards ceremony at the European Label Forum in Berlin – the video is now online.

This year, Schreiner Group with is innovative products came out on top in the annual FINAT Label Competition once more. The high-tech company scored two 1st places, one in the “Innovation” category for its tiny RFID UHF label entry and the other one in the “Security” category for its high-security seal for tachographs.

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the Schreiner Group blog was recently given a facelift. Almost two years ago, in February 2014, we started our large social media project. We are proud to say that since then 84,000 visitors have read our 130 blog posts. A great success for us, and one we would like to expand on – by optimizing and relaunching the blog among other things.

PE labels are a common solution for this challenge. However, they are not very flexible and produce quite unattractive noises. One thing is certain: With these labels adhered to a mattress, your sleep is in danger! That’s why the labeling experts of Schreiner ProTech have worked out an innovative solution: application.

About 4 billion smartphones with integrated NFC reader are in use all over the world. All major mobile communications providers have several NFC variants in their portfolios. An excellent starting position to benefit from the advantages offered by an innovative way of product labeling!

Every car is assembled from about 10,000 individual parts. They are made of numerous materials, come from all over the world, and require different ways of processing or storage. In the automobile industry, RFID labels for product marking are increasingly applied by suppliers, thus enabling consistent detection and documentation of upstream products throughout the entire production process.

Traceability and proof of installation play a major role in many industries. The ISO TS 16949 standard, for instance, stipulates that in serial and spare part production in the automotive industry all elements contained in the final product must be identifiable at all times and uniquely labeled with information such as manufacturing date, expiration date or batch number.

I sell Schreiner ProTech products in Bavaria. Coburg is the northernmost city in my sales area. I focus primarily on companies with which we have already generated medium sales volumes (from 100,000 to 1 million euros) or which seem to offer a similar potential. Customers with which we have generated significantly higher sales volumes are classified as ..

Honesty is the best policy… However, this simple rule is not obeyed by everyone. There are so many temptations for fraudsters, from exchanging components such as processors in control units or collecting confidential data and know-how through electronical or mechanical tampering up to illegal component tuning.

Lateral thinkers are welcome at Schreiner Group. Employees are motivated to find new approaches, contribute original ideas and promote them creatively. Thanks to the distinct culture of innovation implemented in everyday business, Schreiner Group’s three divisions – Schreiner MediPharm, Schreiner ProTech and Schreiner PrinTrust –