In Europe, our Schreiner MediPharm business unit successfully premiered its new Booklet-Label with integrated closure seal and digital features at Pharmapack in Paris at the beginning of February. Now, the U.S. market launch is coming up at Interphex in New York in mid-March.

Schreiner ProTech inaugurated its new manufacturing plant in Fengpu south of Shanghai with a traditional lion dance and a Bavarian “Schuhplattler” folk dance performance last week. The Schreiner Group business unit has been producing labels for the solar industry there since October 2015. Now, initial orders for customers from the automotive and electronics industries are being added to the operation.

Dear blog readers,
the Schreiner Group blog was recently given a facelift. Almost two years ago, in February 2014, we started our large social media project. We are proud to say that since then 84,000 visitors have read our 130 blog posts. A great success for us, and one we would like to expand on – by optimizing and relaunching the blog among other things.

Gearboxes are used to convert input speeds into higher or lower output speeds. In the automotive industry as well as in mechanical engineering and shipbuilding, many gearbox variants are used. Steering gears transfer the rotational movement of the steering wheel via rods to the tie rods. Change gears are operated mechanically with gear pairs.

A cat is a mouse’s natural enemy. The same applies to adhesives and oil: Usually, they do not get along and prefer to stay away from each other. There are virtually no adhesives that work well on oily substrates. Oily substrates and self-adhesive nameplates are a contradiction in terms – and exactly the challenge the team at Schreiner Group’s ProTech business unit have to tackle.

Honesty is the best policy… However, this simple rule is not obeyed by everyone. There are so many temptations for fraudsters, from exchanging components such as processors in control units or collecting confidential data and know-how through electronical or mechanical tampering up to illegal component tuning.

Whether in the car or on machines, fridges, washing machines or components: a nameplate gives information about the producer, year of construction, important performance data and frequently the serial number of a product – in other words, key information the customer needs to clearly identify an object, to make guarantee claims or order spare parts, for instance.

Lateral thinkers are welcome at Schreiner Group. Employees are motivated to find new approaches, contribute original ideas and promote them creatively. Thanks to the distinct culture of innovation implemented in everyday business, Schreiner Group’s three divisions – Schreiner MediPharm, Schreiner ProTech and Schreiner PrinTrust –

Good things come to those who wait. As a result of intense research and numerous product tests, Sebastian Baur, Project Engineer in our Research & Development team, has finally achieved his goal: We have received certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for the production of cord tags according to the requirements of category PGIS2.

Aldi customers can now look forward to paying for their groceries a lot faster than before–thanks to NFC technology. Aldi Nord in northern Germany has equipped its roughly 2,400 stores with new payment terminals that make contactless payment possible. By introducing NFC, the discount supermarket chain is responding to the changes in consumer needs, …