Color Laser Film 2

Schreiner Raises its Successful Marking System to a New Level

After 20 years of successful use in the automotive industry, Schreiner has developed the next generation of its COLOR LASER FILM marking system. CLF is the only system—consisting of the self-adhesive film label and the laser equipment—for overprinting labels with variable data at the customer’s site that protects the printed image with a transparent film. The marking process uses a laser beam (= light) that penetrates this transparent protective film without damaging the film.

The increased demand of the market for counterfeiting and tampering protection of vehicle nameplates led to the recent development of CLF 2. In addition to previously known security features such as “watermarks,” “security slits,” “customized surfaces,” etc., a new composition of the CLF layers enhances counterfeiting protection due to specific interactions that occur during the laser marking process. As a result, tampering with the label is excluded.

The previous high marking speed (5,000 mm/s line length) is retained by CLF 2. After completion of the marking process, the laser beam cuts the label to size from the continuous roll as usual.

Deliveries of the new CLF 2 generation to the automotive industry started at the beginning of the year.

Detailed information on Schreiner ProTech and its innovative marking solutions at

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