12 Months, 12 Solutions – Countdown to the EU Falsified Medicines Directive

December Pharma-Security Feature: SecuMed

Incidents of medicine counterfeiting increasingly often make the headlines – particularly when customs authorities achieve a major coup. In September 2017, German customs confiscated 950 parcels with 68,000 falsified pills and vials at only three parcel centers within a single week. An anonymized survey revealed that one in eight physicians has at one time or another held a counterfeit in his/her hand, and even six in 500 pharmacists have. One in seven counterfeits comes from a pharmacy in another EU country.

These statistics show how urgent the introduction of the EU Directive and provision of medicine packaging with additional security features are. The SecuMed marking label offers diverse options: It combines several modern security technologies into effective counterfeiting protection for reliable authentication of original products. Overt, covert and digital security features posing an extremely high hurdle to product counterfeiters may be integrated, depending on the specific requirement and desired security level.

The multi-level system is based on a modular “technology kit” of state-of-the-art security features which pharmaceutical labels can be provided with for diverse target groups – from experts at the pharmaceutical manufacturer, customs officials, pharmacists and healthcare staff through to the patient, the authenticity of medicines can thus be checked quickly and reliably.

For instance, security technologies that are suitable for integration include overt security features such as complex holograms or ShiftSecure and the covert LaserSecure feature that may be embedded in graphic elements and colors. Additional kiss cuts along the edge of the label further enhance tamper protection.

Due to this customized combination of diverse security features, reliable counterfeiting protection that optimally addresses the customer’s specific requirements is guaranteed for any application. This helps protect pharmaceutical companies against image loss and unjustified warranty claims and, above all, the safety of patients.

In our blog series “12 Months, 12 Solutions: The Countdown to the EU Falsified Medicines Directive” over the next twelve months, we will present twelve selected security features that can be used to make medicinal packaging counterfeit-proof.

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