12 Months, 12 Solutions: The Countdown to the EU Falsified Medicines Directive

February Pharma-Security Feature: The Digital BitSecure Copy Detection Pattern

When it comes to securing the supply chain, digital technologies are playing an increasingly important part in the anti-counterfeiting strategies of pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors/retailers and inspectors must be able to clearly determine on-site, for instance at customs, police or a hospital, whether a pharmaceutical is an effective original or a potentially hazardous fake. The digital BitSecure security feature enables reliable mobile authentication of a medicine.

The BitSecure copy detection technology uses a digitally generated high-resolution, cloud-like random pattern. Its delicate details are not discernible by the naked eye. When a counterfeiter attempts to copy the random pattern the image will suffer a loss in precision and optical details. The reason is that the original is printed directly from a high-resolution digital master while an illegal copy is based on a previously printed image. The resulting loss in details can be detected via a smartphone app or a handheld reader and thus reveals fakes.

BitSecure is not only counterfeit-proof and economical, but also efficient to use in the field: It enables flexible and mobile verification in real time in order to reliably distinguish copies from originals. Experts can read the copy detection pattern by means of a mobile device and will know in a matter of seconds whether the digital security feature is an original or a fake.

To see how fast and easy BitSecure can be read via a smartphone app, go to: http://www.protect-medicines.com/verschlusssiegel/bitsecure.html

In our blog series “12 Months, 12 Solutions: The Countdown to the EU Falsified Medicines Directive” over the next twelve months, we will present twelve selected security features that can be used to make medicinal packaging counterfeit-proof.

For more information on Schreiner MediPharm and our innovative Solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry, please visit: www.schreiner-medipharm.com

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