The new Flexi-Cap Protect for oncology applications is Schreiner MediPharm's product highlight at Interphex Japan.

The new Flexi-Cap Protect for oncology applications is Schreiner MediPharm’s product highlight at Interphex Japan.

Flexi-Cap Protect: Market Launch for Asia

A great product introduced in Tokyo: Our Schreiner MediPharm business unit together with its Japanese sales representative, Asahi Printing, is one of the 1,080 exhibitors represented at Interphex Japan. The product highlight is the new Flexi-Cap Protect for oncology applications. It is a further development of the proven Flexi-Cap security concept for first-opening indication.

Dumpster diving refers to the practice of looking for anything usable that might be found in waste containers. Dumpster divers also look for medicine containers in order to refill them with fake substances. Equipped with conventional markings, the containers can be distributed as “originals” without being readily detected as counterfeit. The Flexi-Cap security concept by Schreiner MediPharm addresses this issue by combining the marking label with a film cap which clearly and irreversibly indicates that a primary container has been opened. Building on the idea of the foil on top of a wine bottle, this concept has been adapted for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

And what exactly is new about Flexi-Cap Protect? An additional protective cap for the bottom of the bottle or vial avoids glass breakage and surface contamination, which is particularly important in the case of substances used to combat cancer cells. Why? So-called cytostatics are highly toxic for healthy cells. Therefore, packaging for these substances should be provided with special protection. In spite of sophisticated filling and packaging processes in the production of pharmaceuticals, contamination of primary containers cannot be completely avoided. In addition, glass breakage of containers with cytostatics can have serious consequences. The diverse functions of the newly developed special solution Flexi-Cap Protect ensure the protection of users against the severe consequences of possible contamination and guarantee the integrity of primary packaging.

Interphex Japan takes place annually and is the leading trade fair of the Japanese and Asian pharmaceutical industry.  Far more than 30,000 visitors inform themselves about the industry’s innovative solutions. Schreiner MediPharm uses the opportunity for Flexi-Cap Protect’s market launch in Japan and Asia.

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