Beim GLOBAL BRAND PROTECTION INNOVATION PROGRAMM (GBPIP) am 26. und 27. Mai tauschen sich in London Experten über innovative Originalitätsschutzlösungen aus.

Global Brand Protection

Counterfeiting and tampering threaten all well-known brands today. At the GLOBAL BRAND PROTECTION INNOVATION PROGRAMME (GBPIP) held in London this week on May 26-27, more than 100 experts are engaged in an exchange about innovative authenticity protection solutions that enable tamper- and counterfeit-proof marking of products. They include Dr. Nadine Summa from Schreiner MediPharm, and Thomas Völcker and André Siebeneicher from Schreiner ProSecure.

The fight against illegal copies and fakes requires a holistic risk analysis that provides the basis for actions across the entire value chain. Retailers, customs officials and consumers have to be empowered to reliably check the authenticity of a product.  In an interview prior to the event, Dr. Nadine Summa, Product Manager Pharma-Security at Schreiner MediPharm, talked about how brand owners can best protect themselves against counterfeits, what part the end user plays, and to what extent serialization assists in safeguarding the product and supply chain. Her core message concerning the key technologies that provide the most effective protection: “Due to the risk of imitation by professional counterfeiters, a combination with additional covert and digital technologies is recommended.”

Generally, modern marking solutions perform three functions:

  • Counterfeiting protection
  • Tampering protection
  • Traceability

The marking solution has to set various priorities, depending on the product and performance requirements. All necessary features should be combined in a custom-developed security system for products or components, packaging or shipping units. Thomas Völcker’s paper is focused on this topic as well. He will present “Multi-Functional Label Solutions to Enable Advanced Product Security” to the high-caliber audience.

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