Modern visual for Schreiner PrinTrust

Our Schreiner PrinTrust business unit now uses a new, modern key visual for its presence at trade shows, on the website, in presentations or on brochures. Our colleagues at Schreiner PrinTrust are specialists in security and authentication. They develop and market customized functional labels for authentication, tamper protection and automatic identification. Their clients include system suppliers, card manufacturers, suppliers of government products and security printing companies that offer innovative security and authentication solutions for government agencies, banks, telecommunications companies, service providers and brand owners.

Coming up with a new key visual posed the challenge of combining such a diversity of markets and target groups in a modern image. Following an intensive and creative process, an outstanding result has now been achieved. At first glance, the image symbolizes integrated solutions, exchange of confidential data and digitization, combined with support to clients from the development stage through to production of a customized product. All of these aspects are core competencies of Schreiner PrinTrust and instrumental in practically any customer project. A closer look at the new key visual reveals that each symbol stands for a product group, from PIN Protection to NFC-Stickers for payment systems through to RFID solutions for automatic vehicle identification and for solutions that officially document the payment of fees and granting of permits such as vignettes, stickers and Transfer Seals.

On yet a higher level of abstraction, the image reveals a suggestion of the planet Earth spanned by a global network. As a result, the visual also symbolizes globalization and, accordingly, the global markets that Schreiner PrinTrust serves.

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