New look, enhanced product: Schreiner PrinTrust at TRUSTECH 2017

Last year, the former CARTES trade fair moved from Paris to Cannes and also adopted a new name: TRUSTECH. Now, Schreiner PrinTrust is launching a new look as well. From November 28 to 30, at its trade fair booth featuring a new key visual, the business unit will be showcasing its products and solutions for automatic vehicle identification, and for banking and government authorities. The highlight at booth Riviera J 039 will be the ((rfid))-Windshield Label Global Secure that has been enhanced by new security features.

Schreiner PrinTrust presented the ((rfid))-Windshield Label Global Secure last year as a new product in the portfolio of its successful family of RFID labels for automatic vehicle identification (AVI) that has closed a crucial technology gap.The solution now also enables encrypted transmissions and use of security chips for long ranges utilizing UHF technology. Now Schreiner PrinTrust has upped the ante by making it possible to provide the ((rfid))-Windshield Label Global Secure with a wide range of security features offering additional counterfeiting protection. For instance, overt features like security slits, holograms and color-shifting inks, features for digital identification such as serialization in human-readable text and Datamatrix code as well as covert security features like void text or void patterns can be integrated. As a result, the new ((rfid))-Windshield Label Global Secure combines time-tested label features with the latest chip technology – giving birth to a new generation of AVI labels for toll collection, on-street and off-street parking.

Also to be showcased at the trade fair booth will be the current success product in the field of automatic vehicle identification. For more than a year now, the ((rfid))-Parking Permit has been adhering to windshields of automobiles throughout Vienna where it is used for on-street parking. The “parking sticker” enables inspectors to identify parked vehicles in a contactless process and to check the vehicle owners’ parking permits without a major administrative effort.

For visitors from the banking sector, Schreiner PrinTrust’s lineup in Cannes will include two topics of particular interest. One of them being its high-security label PIN-Safe for protection of such as PIN numbers that guarantee secure dispatch from the lettershop to the recipient. The other one being its NFC-Stickers for contactless payments that are already successfully used by savings banks in the Czech Republic and Austria.

The third focus topic at the TRUSTECH 2017 trade fair booth will be devoted to government applications. Here Schreiner PrinTrust will be showcasing diverse security labels – from Fine-Dust Stickers to Transfer Seals that make it possible to replace conventional versions of stamps on vehicle registrations, driver’s licenses, ID cards, contracts and notarizations through to the Third License Plate that provides tamper-proof documentation of a vehicle’s registration and identifies stolen vehicles.

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