Bonding Blog Series: Post 7

Our bonding solutions: 9 different uses

Bonding solutions using self-adhesive die-cut parts from Schreiner ProTech perform three key functions: fastening, protection and height compensation. In this post, we’re presenting various field application examples.

Bonding solution 1: fastening of sensors

Verklebung_Abstandssensor Abstandssensor

A transparent, double-sided adhesive pad with complete interior cutouts is used to affix sensors for distance and acceleration measurements. It consists of an extremely lightweight and thin material with very good adhesion, and is easy to apply in an automated process.

Bonding solution 2: fastening of assembly components

Hufeisen_Befestigung_Bauteil Computer Circuit Board

This transparent, horseshoe-shaped die-cut part with double-sided adhesion serves to temporarily affix components to printed circuit boards.

Bonding solution 3: rain sensor on the windshield

Befestigung_Regensensor Regensensor

This transparent, double-sided adhesive die-cut part has been developed to affix rain sensors to the inside of windshields. Very good adhesion throughout the component’s service life due to use of a transfer adhesive coating with a thickness of less than one millimeter is a special characteristic of this solution.

Bonding solution 4: fastening of solar junction boxes

Solaranschlussdose_Befestigung Solaranschlussdosen

An application example from the solar industry: The solar junction boxes on the panel’s back are affixed using this double-sided adhesive die-cut foam part with a hole cut in the center. The product also serves to compensate for surface irregularities. It is fast and easy to install, requires no curing times, guarantees strong adhesion and reliable component retention and, due to its intended outdoor use, is UV and weather-resistant as well.

Bonding solution 5: fastening of loudspeakers combined with protection against dust, dirt and particles

Lautsprecherverklebung_Smartphone Lautsprecher_Smartphone

What we see here is a double-sided multi-layered die-cut part with a grid serving as a particle filter. It is used to affix a loudspeaker to a housing and provides dust and dirt protection as well. The grip tab ensures ease of assembly.

Bonding solution 6: seal for sound solutions

Befestigung_Dichtung_Sound_Solutions Sound_Solutions

And here’s another double-sided adhesive die-cut part with a grip tab. It is used as a fastener and sealing ring in the field of sound solutions and features delicate die-cut contours of less than one millimeter.

Bonding solution 7: Die-cut foam part for automotive trim strips

Verklebung_Zierleiste_Auto car interior

Automotive trim strips can be affixed using this double-sided adhesive die-cut foam part (including grip tab for ease of application!). It ensures effective and reliable adhesion across the component’s lifetime and, if necessary, serves to compensate for height differences.

Bonding solution 8: self-adhesive die-cut part as an assembly aid

Montagehilfe_Fixierung_Kunststoffhuelle Montagehilfe_Fertigung

A self-adhesive die-cut part used as an assembly aid. In the automotive industry, it is used to fasten a plastic sleeve to the body-in-white.

Bonding solution 9: bonding, height compensation and sealing in loudspeaker applications

Schaumstanzteil_Lautsprecher Car navigation multimedia system

Three functions rolled into one: This double-sided adhesive die-cut foam part with a grid serves 1) to fasten a loudspeaker, 2) to provide sealing against dirt, dust and particles and 3) to compensate for height differences and surface irregularities.

Schreiner ProTech is addressing all aspects relevant to adhesive bonding as a joining solution in a series of blog posts. The following questions have been covered to date: What capabilities does an adhesive have to deliver and how does adhesive bonding work? When should adhesive bonding be used and what are the differences between liquid and pressure-sensitive adhesive bonding? What additional functions are possible when using self-adhesive die-cut parts? In addition, we have shown specific examples from various industries.

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