Product Protection: DIN Guide with our Know-how

“Standards are developed by those who will subsequently apply them.” This is one of the tenets of “Deutsches Institut (DIN) für Normung,” Germany’s major standardization organization. For instance, that is why Günther Galfe, the president of our Schreiner PrinTrust business unit, is a member of the “Actions against Product Piracy” working group. In this context, he contributed his comprehensive expertise to the creation of a guide titled Measures against Counterfeiting – Guidelines for the Preparation of Protection Concepts against Counterfeiting, Illegal Reproduction and Trade of Illegal Goods published in May 2017.

Broad participation, transparency and consensus are basic principles of developing standards to ensure their acceptance by the market. And Schreiner Group, due to its wide range of customer projects in diverse industries—from pharmaceuticals to manufacturing and through to banks and government agencies—has its finger on the pulse of time and in-depth knowledge of the challenges facing many markets. The preface of the new guide, officially designated as DIN 66405 , puts it in a nutshell: “Due to the growing integration of the global economy and increasing availability of complex manufacturing processes and globalized trade relations, there is a growing motivation and capacity for product piracy and illegal trade. This is reflected in continually rising numbers of confiscations of counterfeits and illegal products. To precisely and effectively roll out protective actions, companies require assistance in selecting and combining the appropriate organizational, technical and legal actions in various areas, depending on the respective threat. Protective measures offered in the marketplace a priori represent only an element of a solution. A cohesive protective concept requires a sensible combination of single measures and their successful evaluation.”

In our company, the Schreiner ProSecure competence center is specifically dedicated to product and brand protection, having been active as a consultant, development partner and systems supplier of pioneering technical solutions for product and document protection for many years. The competence center’s expert team develops innovative security technologies and system solutions for reliable and efficient tamper evidence, authentication and for digital identification of products and documents. Digital identification combines internet- and smartphone-based recognition and authentication with other database-supported services. Günther Galfe sums up the commitment: “Due to our involvement in standardization committees such as the DIN working group and participation in developing such guides we actively shape a secure future.” DIN, by the way, was established as the German industry’s standardization committee exactly 100 years ago. It was preceded by a so-called “normalization committee” for the German mechanical engineering sector that began to work on the standardization of conical pins, bore diameters, wedges and technical drawings.

Among other things, the new guide defines assets to be protected and protection objectives, provides information for carrying out threat and risk analyses and additionally establishes criteria for the selection of measures. Part 2 deals with the combination of measures to create a protection concept as well as implementation and validation.

More information about Schreiner ProSecure and our innovative product and brand protection solutions can be found here:

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