Schreiner LogiData at RFID Tomorrow: RFID Labels for Industrial Assembly Lines

The technical magazine “RFID im Blick” (“Focus on RFID”) invites technology providers and everybody with an interest in optimizing their processes with RFID technology to the two-day conference “RFID tomorrow” in Düsseldorf on September 19-20, 2016. Frank Linti, Business Development Manager RFID from our Competence Center Schreiner LogiData will be on site. At the trade booth, he will be talking to sales prospects. In one of 35 SpeedLabs he will present special label developments, which will give companies in the automotive industry a leading edge in component marking.

Vehicle manufacturing is on the cusp of far-reaching changes. Traditional serial production of only one product version in high quantities becomes harder and harder as the customers’ demand for more individuality increases steadily. “Traditional” production systems are not optimally set up to face this challenge. In the future, assembly lines will have to high-flexibly adjust to fast changing requirements. The link between parts and assembly line is RFID.

RFID labels support self-organising processes

For the business unit Schreiner ProTech, Schreiner LogiData has been developing and producing solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of the vehicle production for many years. “Multiple 100,000 labels of various designs were tested at all big OEMs and suppliers in order to find the best possible label designs for each of the different requirements. When constructing prototypes, RFID is already today an important enabler to document the current building state. Now is the time for performing the leap into serial production,” tells Frank Linti, Business Development Manager RFID, at Schreiner LogiData. “RFID labels attached to components allow an almost self-organised assembly process making the ongoing comparison with a central system superfluous. This is ideal since even today, a huge share of production machines does not have a network connection.”

Cars or fridges

The label solutions for the automotive industry presented at the RFID tomorrow take a role as an example for the optimisation potential of an RFID deployment in assembly cycles, says Frank Linti: “In the end, it’s not important whether it’s cars or fridges that are produced. An industry-suited RFID label on the component allows streamlining the production by creating highest possible process transparency. Labels from the portfolio of Schreiner ProTech are suited for every industrial environment no matter if there is metal, ESD materials, heat, or chemicals – for almost every requirement there is the right label solution.” In order to illustrate the benefits of an RFID deployment in a striking way, during his SpeedLab on the User Day of the RFID tomorrow, Frank Linti will also take car manufacturing as a projection surface to demonstrate the transferability onto other industrial assembly lines.

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