At the trade fair CPhI India in Mumbai, Schreiner MediPharm is showcasing its entire product portfolio.

At the trade fair CPhI India in Mumbai, Schreiner MediPharm is showcasing its entire product portfolio.

Schreiner MediPharm: Trade Fair in Mumbai

Our Schreiner MediPharm business unit is also active in the Indian market with its intelligent product solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. This week, our colleagues are presenting their extensive portfolio of specialty labels with additional functions, that enhance and differentiate the final product from the competition due to innovative features, at CPhI India in Mumbai.

The innovative solutions by Schreiner MediPharm make the use of medicines easier and safer, reduce process costs and offer diverse additional benefits. Many of the specialty developments of our business unit have become the benchmark in the industry. Accordingly, Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers have great interest in these solutions.

Be it patient safety, user experience, integrity of the supply chain, management of the product lifecycle or efficient technical operations, Schreiner MediPharm completely specializes in meeting the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and addresses the industry’s challenges with its product solutions. At the trade fair CPhI India in Mumbai, our colleagues are showcasing their entire product portfolio:

Pharma-Tac are specialty labels with integrated hangers for fast and safe hanging of infusion bottles.

Pharma-Comb are specialty labels with detachable label parts for easier and more reliable marking and documentation when administering medicines.

Pharma-Multi-Inform are specialty labels with an enlarged area for text up to booklet labels. Their multi-page design allows for integration of extensive information in several languages.

Needle-Trap is a needle protection label for syringes. It helps avoid needlestick injuries and combines safety for the user with cost effectiveness and flexibility for the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Pharma-Security solutions protect against tampering and counterfeiting. A wide range of overt, covert and digital security technologies is adapted to individual requirements and may be integrated into existing solutions.

Pharma-Specials are specialty solutions which are individually developed and created for our customers, such as multifunctional labels for safe and comfortable use of pens and auto injectors.

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