Nothing’s impossible, says a well-known advertising slogan. Schreiner ProTech could now claim the same. In response to a customer inquiry for a solution to fix a component in position, the business unit developed the smallest adhesive die-cut part ever created at Schreiner Group.

Bonding solutions using self-adhesive die-cut parts from Schreiner ProTech perform three key functions: fastening, protection and height compensation. In this post, we’re presenting various field application examples.

Self-adhesive die-cut parts from Schreiner ProTech are the solution to many challenges in the field of joining and fastening. Pressure-sensitive adhesives clearly simplify and accelerate manufacturing and application processes and offer additional benefits. In this post, we’re going to look at what makes our bonding solutions so special.

When it comes to adhesive bonding, there are two major approaches: liquid adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) such as adhesive tapes. In this post of our blog series about adhesive bonding we’ll explain why Schreiner ProTech concentrates on pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Adhesives are increasingly replacing mechanical fasteners. That’s why Schreiner ProTech is taking a look at this topic in a series of blog posts. This post is focused on basic knowledge: what performance does an adhesive have to deliver and how does adhesive bonding work?

How can I join two assembly components? If you’re looking for the technique best suiting your specific application, you need to ask the right questions – and find appropriate answers. In a new blog series, Schreiner ProTech takes a look at all aspects relating to adhesive bonding.