The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that in Europe up to one percent of medicines in the market are counterfeit (WHO Report 2011). All dosage forms are affected. This does not only pose a risk to patient safety but may also jeopardize the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s reputation. Therefore, it is of vital importance to detect counterfeit products and withdraw them from circulation. Label-integrated thermochromatic inks enable exactly this: efficient authentication of medicines.

Counterfeit drugs are a hot topic. This was highlighted by various programs on German television recently, culminating in a prime time movie on Germany’s national television channel 1, titled “Gift” (“Poison”).

The ((rfid))-Windshield Label makes contactless identification of vehicles possible. The label has been specifically developed for high transmission performance when applied behind glass and operates as a passive system without a battery. Thanks to the modified antenna the UHL label has a reliable reading range of several meters.The stickers (vignettes) by Schreiner PrinTrust ..