Up to 300 film-based parts marking labels and functional components are installed in a mid-size car. Be it in the bodywork, the cabin, the powertrain or the gamut of electrical and electronic systems: Schreiner ProTech’s innovative product solutions play an important part in many automotive applications.

In the previous two parts of this blog series I showed you application examples from the automotive industry and very special Pressure Compensation Seals (PCSs). In this fifth part I will tell you something about how our Pressure Compensation Seals support you with adequate street lighting as you find your way home, with your e-bike as you move along or in getting safely rescued after being buried by an avalanche.

This is the first part of a blog series about Pressure Compensation Seals, in short: “PCS.” Under this new heading I would like to show you the enormous potential these small, nondescript labels hold. My name is Annette Barth. I am the Product Manager responsible for Pressure Compensation Seals at Schreiner ProTech, a division of Schreiner Group.