“Standards are developed by those who will subsequently apply them.” This is one of the tenets of “Deutsches Institut (DIN) für Normung,” Germany’s major standardization organization. For instance, that is why Günther Galfe, the president of our Schreiner PrinTrust business unit, is a member of the “Actions against Product Piracy” working group. In this context, he contributed his comprehensive expertise to the creation of a guide titled Measures against Counterfeiting – Guidelines for the Preparation of Protection Concepts against Counterfeiting, Illegal Reproduction and Trade of Illegal Goods published in May 2017.

Whether in the car or on machines, fridges, washing machines or components: a nameplate gives information about the producer, year of construction, important performance data and frequently the serial number of a product – in other words, key information the customer needs to clearly identify an object, to make guarantee claims or order spare parts, for instance.